Monday, December 6, 2010

Alicia's 'Off with your head' challenge for the Scrappin Outback cyber crop

This was Alicia's challenge for the Wicked Wonderland Cyber crop.
The Red Queen is a nasty piece of work, and what she says goes! In this challenge, your fate lies withing the cards. Take your chances, deal your cards, and be sure to do what the Red Queen dictates, or you may lose your head!
The Challenge:

You will need a standard deck or cards, separated into picture cards, and number cards. Give them a good shuffle, and deal yourself 2 cards from each pile. Follow the Queen's code to determine the criteria for your project.
The Red Queen Code:
Pile 1:Picture cards:
Ace: 3 photo layout
Jack: Include a handmade embellishment
King: Use stamping on your layout
Queen: Use a piece of fabric on your layout.

Pile 2:Number cards:
Hearts: Buttons
Clubs: Flowers
Spades: Ribbons
Diamonds: Chipboard

The quantity of each element is determined by the number on the card that you deal. So, for example, a 7 of clubs means you must use 7 flowers on your project.
Alicia dealt me a hand of cards and I got dealt
10 spades
9 diamonds
And this is what i created. I used cheap pp that i have had for a long time. I have used 12 pieces of ribbon, my 9 pieces of chipboard are 5 in the title 'white', 2 leaves, 1 photo corner and 1 flower. My handmade is embellishment is combined with the fabric, I made the little white rabbit.

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