Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scrapbook Apprentice First Round projects finished

Woohoo Ive finished the first round projects for the scrapbook apprentice competition. Two people are eliminated this round, so thats a bit scary. For this round the tasks were a 12 x 12 layout, one card and a small miscellaneous project. It took me a couple of demos of the card before I was happy with it and I have done two layouts, so just gotta choose which one i like the best. I hope I make it throught this first round.

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Chantal said...

Oh - that is a bit scary! lol! Let's hope it's not us that get "fired"! I don't really know much about the comp to be honest! :O

I wonder how the voting is to be done? Online I'm assuming on the docrafts website perhaps? I'm really excited about it all! :D