Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Embellish Comp Round 3

Round 3 for the Embellish comp is due again. Ive been so behind lately, I really didnt think I would get this done in time. But here it is.
Its  a photo of my friend's new baby, Amelia.
This week's challenge is for you to also create something ( a layout or an OTP) using the following five points:

1. hand stitching
2. felt
3. beads
4. bling / rhinestones
5. doodling
BUT you have to create a handmade embellishment too (using one or more of those five points as mentioned above).

I used mainly large scraps from a heap of stuff that Chris at Born2Create sent me. Handstitching around the top left of the photo, in green. kaiser bling green flowers, black doodling dots and swirls around the photo
I have a felt owl in the top right of the photo.My handmade embellishment is a ribbon flower that Chris made me. It has a bead in the centre. There is a felt owl in the top right of the photo,. I think the pp is My Memories, yellow lace cardstock, dymo labeller, glimmermist

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